Our Capabilities

For over 25 years Fab Services has been a leading provider of custom fabricated solutions throughout the Gulf Coast region. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of servicing several industries, some of which include refineries, water treatment plants, construction and contracting organizations, oil and gas companies, food and beverage facilities and many other companies throughout the Gulf Coast region.


Our Services

Our team of experts have over 50 years of experience in metal fabrication, machining, processing, drafting and designing. Our welders are certified to AWS (American Welding Society) welding codes and our facility is capable of providing an array of services, some of which include bending, shaping, rolling and forming operations to meet all your standard and customizable project requirements.


Our Team

Fab Services is proud to display an array of customized fabrication solutions providing top quality craftsmanship in every project. Our shop offers the latest in upgraded technology with high-end tools and machines which can handle all your custom fabrication needs.