Punching is a process which produces round or square holes, slots and various shapes precisely and quickly. Our punching processes are done with a Metal Muncher 55 Ton Hydraulic Punch. We have the ability to punch different gauges of sheet metal up to 3/4” thick plate. Scrap slug from a metal surface is removed using a punch and a punching die. The size of the hole produced is determined by the dimensions of the punch.

Punched Stock 1

We offer a variety of punching solutions to assist our customers to produce the custom fabricated metal parts their company requires. We use some of the most technologically advanced and efficient punches available.

Our Metal Muncher 55T can punch up to 1 1/4” diameter holes in 1” plate and up to 1 ½” diameter in ¾” plate. We have the ability to punch holes of varied shapes and sizes on almost any kind of metal. Punching is an economical way of producing holes in both sheets and plates and is ideal for medium to high volume production runs.