Sheering 1


Shearing is a metal fabricating procedure used to cut straight lines on flat metal sheet. Shearing involved an upper blade and a lower blade which are forced past one another with the space between them determined by a required counterbalance.

Fab Service’s hydraulic shear, the Kalamazoo Metal Muncher, allows us to take on major projects with precise and extreme accuracy. Our shearing capabilities guarantee razor-sharp cuts each and every time. Our metal shearing services make it possible to shear carbon steel up to ¼” thick and 96” in length.

In shearing, a thin strip of metal is plastically deformed to the point where it fractures at the surfaces in contact with the blades. The fracture then proliferates inward to provide complete and precise separation.


Shearing is used for:

  • Its ability to make straight sharp cuts on flat metal sheet
  • Its characteristic production of burred and marginally deformed edges
  • Its ability to cut moderately small lengths at any time since a shearing blades can be placed at an angle to reduce the needed shearing force required